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Life sucking relationships in your dental practice

Posted by Admin    on June 2, 2015    Comments (10)

Do you have symbiotic or life sucking relationships in your dental practice?

So often we blame our team members for the practice’s inability to achieve superior case acceptance. I know I did (and occasionally still do — I admit it). The real problem lies within a lack of training and preparation for these types of situations. We, the doctors, have to consider how the technical, medical jargon sounds to our patients. Although we can be blunt and talk about surgeries and grotesque trauma cases over breakfast, the rest of the world does not operate that way, nor does it care to. We have to learn to tone it down and be bilingual when we speak with our teams, so that they will have the technical version andthe sugarcoated version to use with our patients. Only then will patients want to swallow these options and pay for them.

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Anterior dental implant cases

Posted by Admin    on June 2, 2015    Comments (10)

Anterior dental implant cases: Fixed temporaries for greater case acceptance and better soft-tissue outcomes.

The logic of a dental implant for tooth replacement is obvious and makes converting patients away from a treatment plan of a fixed bridge one of the simpler consultations I conduct. That is, unless the tooth is in the esthetic zone. Consent for a dental implant over a bridge . . . a three- to five-minute discussion. Whether the patient will have a removable temporary or be without a tooth during the 12- to 16-week osseointegration period is the real consultation challenge, and cases are won or lost on the issue of temporization.

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Historical Perspective on Dental Implants

Posted by Admin    on June 2, 2015    Comments (10)

A Brief Historical Perspective on Dental Implants, Their Surface Coatings and Treatments

This review highlights a brief, chronological sequence of the history of dental implants. This historical perspective begins with ancient civilizations and spotlights predominant dentists and their contributions to implant development through time. The physical, chemical and biologic properties of various dental implant surfaces and coatings are discussed, and specific surface treatments include an overview of machined implants, etched implants, and sand-blasted implants. Dental implant coatings such as hydroxyapatite, fluoride, and statin usage are further reviewed.

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Anterior dental implant cases: Fixed temporaries...

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February 10, 2016

Dentist Nafisa

The articles are good but PRODURE FOR GETTING A DENTAL IMPLANT articles was best.

February 8, 2016

Dr. Amanulla Sarkar

Dr. Ruhan, I am really astronist after reading the PLACES OF DENTAL IMPLANTS article.

March 6, 2016

Eng. Sujana, USA.

Hellow, I am Eng. Sujana from USA getting more treatemnt but not proper satisfaction. I h'v read the article titled on ANTIRIOR DENTAL IMPLANT CASES, have some quary. How can I got this answeres?

March 6, 2016


Hellow, Eng. Sujana please sent your questions at our email.